Thank You Diehl Toyota - Main Sponsor Carved In Ice 2020

Diehl Toyota takes main sponsorship for 5th year!

The Butler AM Rotary club proudly announces that Diehl Toyota of Butler will be the Event Sponsor for our 5th Annual “Carved In Ice” Festival and Chili Cook-Off! We want to publicly thank Diehl Toyota owner, Corina Diehl, for accepting our invitation every year and counting us among the many organizations and charities she supports in her passion for the community. The following is a note Corina forwarded to our club on becoming our main sponsor for the 5th consecutive year:

There are very few things I like better than a good cause. From the Boy Scouts to Cystic Fibrosis, from Breast Cancer to the Children’s Hospital, Diehl Toyota has supported it all. And the Butler AM Rotary is no exception! I love the Rotary and all its good works it has done for our wonderful community!

We at Diehl Toyota have supported “Butler Carved in Ice Winter Ice Festival” every year since the inception. Of course, we love to see our vehicles carved in ice—the ice Toyota Tundra was fabulous!—but that’s just one small reason we sponsor, year after year. No, one of the main reasons we support the Butler AM Rotary is its incredible focus on giving back to our wonderful community! The Butler AM Rotary gives THOUSANDS of dollars to local charities, every single year.

So thank you, Butler AM Rotary, for all you do for the community! Your selfless ambition and community giving is an inspiration to all of us!

Merry Christmas!
Corina Diehl