Support People Internationally

Supporting People Internationally

Helping Hands Unlimited in Dominican Republic

For several years the club has sponsored two children in a school in this deprived area. The organization sends their pictures with their own handwritten notes a couple times of year so that we can track their progress.



Shelter Box - Larry SassoneShelter Box

Butler AM Rotary has donated $1,000 annually since the club began to help people in areas hit by hurricanes and other disasters. Right now about 85 million people around the world have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. By providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, we’re helping to transform despair into hope.



Farm animal and tool donations

Annually we donate cows and pigs to third world countries to provide milk and food for the people. We always include some farm tools and instruction so that the families can begin to work towards sustaining themselves.


End PolioPolio donations to help eradicate disease

This crippling disease has been almost eradicated thanks to the commitment and donations of Rotary International clubs and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which matches all monies we donate. Each year our members donate almost $4,500 with the hope of eliminating polio worldwide.